Monday, May 2, 2011

For the Spirit and the Conscious

What is man, but a spirit. In a state of finite awareness:
Where the poor and sick, dwell with the well and wealthy.      
And the cold and cruel thrive among the weak and meek.
Mortal and finite is the man. A spirit of utter loneliness: 
That is of hollow emptiness, stealing love to quench it’s soul.
Faithless cold and cruel is the character of the son of man.
Love, the character of life. A spirit of absolute aloneness: 
That is of infinite fullness, gives life to countless souls.
To expand infinitely in consciousness through man.
In consciousness is life. The unconscious is the source:
And knowing the unconscious, leads to understanding.
The character of life or love, that is mysterious to man. 
In the depths of consciousness. In the abyss of the soul:
Be found the source of life, that is infinite awareness.
An unfathomable phenomenon to the mind of man. 
In an infinite material universe. In light, space and time:
A quantum of infinite awareness, in a body of finite life.
The mortal man struggles to fathom his immortal soul.
Diabolic is the man of finite awareness. For vanities:
Man has sacrificed love, with which he was created for.
Loving only the self, man is powerless to trust another.
In the absence of trust, man is fearful. In fear do:
The son of man, a state of eternal bondage. 
An act of volition, but what is marriage if not bondage. 
In Heaven do Sons of God. A state of infinite awareness:
Where marriage is obsolete, and Love is absolute.
An awareness yet to enter into the heart of man.
“In heaven there is no marriage, nor is anyone given in marriage.”
Jesus Christ.

 What is Man © 2011 Rohan and Mohan Perera (World of Ro and Mo

It is written:
Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Not Father, Son and the Holy Mary.
Father and Son. Not Father and Mother.
My beloved Son. Not My beloved Wife.
I and My Father are One. Not I and mother are One.
I came from the bosom of the Father. Not from the bosom of My mother.
I am about My Father's business. Not about My mother's business. 

Are the Scriptures Sexist? 
Not in the least. Because it is also written:
When God made Man (Son) in His own image and to His likeness, He made him Male and Female. 
God said, "Let US make man in Our image, according to Our likeness." Gen. 1:26
In the image of God He created him, male and female He created them. Gen. 1:27  
To subdue the Earth. Gen. 1:28  
All the days of your life, until you return to dust. Gen. 3:17.19
"But if you want to be perfect, and have eternal life (heaven), come follow Me."
"In heaven there is no marriage, nor is anyone given in marriage." 
 "Heaven is within you."(not in anyone else) Jesus Christ. 
 "If you want to be perfect, go sell what you have and give to the poor, and take up your cross and follow Me." Matt. 19.16:21, Mark 10.17:21
Jesus said to the rich young ruler, when He was asked how to obtain eternal life after having kept all the laws. 
Eternal life is being perfect in consciousness and thus utterly conscientious. The image of God. 
 Life is consciousness. The word conscious comes from Latin conscious from conscire 'be privy to' + -ous. Con, meaning with, and scire, meaning to know. ‘knowing with others or in oneself’. [in the sense of  ‘being aware of wrongdoing’].
Life is knowing with God. In the beginning God, the only consciousness with (perfect conscience) created (extended) consciousness to man. In the image of God He created them male and female. But God is not a robot. He is free to do as He wills. He is what He is willingly. So mankind too were given the freedom to be conscientious or not. That is: to know with God or not to know with God. We are to be individual selves, thus (egos) having complete freedom to know with (be conscious of) whatever or whomever we want. Therefore some of us are vainly conscious of ourself, while some of us are ethically conscious of ourself. The egotists and the egoists. Thus life is our pride. The apostle John in 1John 2.16:17 describes what has happened to our life, and why we fail to enter into eternal life.
 “For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father (father of consciousness), but is of the world (man’s ego, the Self Willed, our father the devil).”
“And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God (do like Jesus) abides forever.”

 Mankind (each one of us) are male and female gametes of the spirit of God (ego and the subconscious), able to unite with the ovum of God (the consciousness of God), and divide and multiply (grow separately from the world, and collaborate with the subconscious) to become an embryo of the spirit of God. To be born of God is to be born of the water and of the spirit. 
 Although we are born in a male or female body, our individual spirits are male and female. And how we desire to unite with the opposite sex, and how we succeed and fail in doing so; is how we succeed and fail in uniting ourself with our spiritual duality. Man and God. How we crave to be free spirits, yet desire marriage (bondage); is how we fear freedom to be responsible for our own lives. But like cells must divide to multiply and grow, we have to separate from the opposite sex, and unite with our own male and female energies to grow and increase in spirit; to achieve absolute freedom. Become Gods in our own right. So we can stand together without leaning on each other, love one another without needing one another. Stand apart, but not alone. Alone, yet not lonely. Strong and meek, not weak and lacking.  

 Consciousness is Existence.
To be conscious is to self exist. To be unconscious is not to self exist.
 Consciousness itself is existence. Everything that exist is conscious, but not self conscious. Everything that is self conscious is living, and everything that is not self conscious is dead, not alive, yet exist. They exist because, though they are unaware of their existence, they exist in the consciousness of those who are self conscious– the living. For example: a dead person is a person who was self conscious and has ceased to be self conscious.  From the moment of death, the material manifestation of the self conscious, (the body) breaks down and disperse, and eventually vanish.    However, the material that the body was made of, do not vanish, but continue to form bodies that may or may not have self consciousness. 
 Matter is the portrayal, representation or manifestation of Consciousness. The entity of Consciousness that materializes. The motor car is the manifestation of consciousness. That which did not exist, consciousness has created. Man does not have the force (magnitude) of consciousness to give self consciousness to the motor car, because man is himself a manifestation, a creation of a greater consciousness. 
 Consciousness and Matter, or Spirit and Body are like Mass and Energy, equivalent and interconvertible. They can be converted into each other. So they are the same (one) entity existing as one or the other at any given time. Time being the interval between this occurrence that continue into infinity. The Consciousness Relativity. 
 We can incorporate Consciousness Relativity with the General theory of relativity to get a true perception of the Duality of Existence.  
 Relativity in physics is the dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects, especially regarding the nature and behavior of light, space, time, and gravity
 If Light: is consciousness/awareness or life, Space: is emptiness/nothingness, Time: is the interval between conscious thought, and Gravity: is the intensity/magnitude of the force /power of consciousness.   
 Einstein's special theory of relativity, states that all motion (Creation) is relative and that the velocity of light (Power of Consciousness) in a vacuum (Nothingness) has a constant value that nothing can exceed. Among its consequences are the following: the mass of a body increases and its length (in the direction of motion) shortens as its speed increases; the time interval between two events occurring in a moving body appears greater to a stationary observer; and mass and energy are equivalent and interconvertible. Einstein's theory of relativity, extended the theory to accelerated motion and gravitation (increased intensity of  creativity), which was treated as a curvature (appearance and disappearance) of the space-time (unaware-aware) continuum (not perceptibly different from each other, although the extremes are quite distinct). It predicted that light rays (character of consciousness) would be deflected and shifted in wavelength (in thought pattern) when passing through a substantial gravitational field (when confronted by a significantly intense consciousness), effects that have been experimentally confirmed (effects that are clearly evident in the world).
 The universe is the manifestation of the one (uni) consciousness. Some would call this consciousness God. The universe is God, and we can all see parts of God, like an ant crawling on your body can only see and feel one tiny part of you, and that is just the skin. We are part of God and exist in God, like a small bug inside of you living symbiotically (in a mutually beneficial relationship). If however the bug is harmful to you, you would try to get rid of it. What lies outside of God is what is beyond the universe, and only God knows what that is. Since the universe seems to be an infinite entity, it seems that nothing exists beyond it. So it is written: 
"I am the LORD, and there is no other; Besides Me there is no God. I will gird you, though you have not known Me;” Isaiah.45:51 
 Physically we are inside God. Encircled by God. But spiritually God is inside us. We can’t see or perceive the spirit of God with our limited physical perception, so we bow down and worship the physically visible aspects of God. We therefore worship the body of God, and not His character. We actually worship in fear of the vastness and the might of natural phenomena. The sun, the moon, and anything and anyone with physical power over us. Hence we respect power that we cannot over power. ‘Power’ that gives authority over the powerless. And since we have inherited a quantum of this power, and is of this power, we are never satisfied with the power we have, because it is only a fragment of that power. Our dream is to acquire power. All of us are busy working hard to gain power over others. We use all our God given talents to acquire God’s power; and yet hardly any of us achieve a fraction of His power. And God did make man in His image, to be like Him. 
So why don’t most of us become like God?
 God is not physical, but a consciousness materializing. The power of God is His awareness, which manifests physically. How God is aware of whatever, is whatever. God is aware of man to be as He is. And what He is aware of will materialize physically and spiritually. God is in us. He is the Source of our awareness, giving us our self awareness to become self aware of Him, and grow in consciousness with Him to become an awareness like Him. But unless we seek, knock, and ask; we shall not find, enter and be given. Unless we respect the character of God we cannot communicate with God. We cannot become conscious of God, to know with God. God’s consciousness is in every  elementary particle. That is why they exist. Our Subconscious or the Unconscious is an elementary awareness of God. So we treat it as if it is simple and childish. Only the innocence of a child is godlike. We reduce God to the position of a child, and raise ourselves to the position of God. Instead of being childlike, we become childish.
 When we have traveled far from God, the moral relativity between  God and us become distant and we lose power, and like the body degenerate and regenerate into new bodies. Our self awareness fade away and the Source of our self awareness become unconscious of us; and we disappear from the memory of God. We lose the Love of God, because we abandoned it to love only ourself. 
 If on the other hand we remain relative to God in awareness of the love of God, and grow with the love of God; our consciousness would propagate and transform into the consciousness and spirit of God, and exist like God. We would have become God, not only like God.
 “Behold, the man has become like one of Us.” 
But not yet one of Us.
Self conscious like Us, to be as We are, but not yet as We are.